Artischocken - tecnica a carciofo

Artischocken - tecnica a carciofo

Hi, my name's Lina and, thanks to the suggestions of a friend of mine, Cristina, (thank You very much indeed again) I started some years ago to apply a particular technique to realize just only little balls for my Christmas three. ... and so I started to love this hobby and I continue to realize many object as you can see in my pages.

This site was born to let know and to explain the basics of this technique, particularly used in the north of Europe to realize goods made in polystyrene and covered with small pieces of bent cloth.

To navigate the site, it's always present, on the top left of the page, the mený button. If you use a browser unable to interpret "Java script", you can find, at the bottom of the page, links to other pages.

Any suggestion, requirement, and why not, criticism, could be directly sent to Lina, authress of these works and of all the others here represented objects. Help me with the translation, please!!!

Please sign my guestbook!!!!!!

... and if you want to be update about the news simply send me an e-mail!

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